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With the belief that traveling to Greece is a priceless experience and convinced of the mighty beauty and gorgeous landscapes Greece offers, we want to inspire you to visit all corners of Greece: from  sunny Greek Island holidays to the mythical greek islands and the picturesque mainland to business travel near the sandy coasts and educational tourism to some of the planet’s major archeological attractions.

Our aim is that you enjoy the whole trip, even the journey as Odysseus taught us to do, and return to your home changed, because it is only through traveling  and meeting new people and lands that we begin to understand that this peculiar small world is not only borrowed from the future generations, but also shared among the current ones!

Whether it is adventure and experience or relaxation and pleasure of the scenic magic that you are looking for, either you 're interested in group travel or tailor- made holidays and honeymoons in Greece, or even if you are on Business and Congress travel or in seek of Conference Planners, Nordix, Journeys and Experiences is your ideal and most promising companion and partner, offering specialized services, thanks to to our organized long term presence in the field.

Welcome to the world of Greece: Our world is as small or as big as we wish it to be!
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Athens Classic Marathon 2014

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Greece Rhodes Medieval City/photo courtecy of James Bird

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