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Greek islands | Cyclades: Naxos

Naxos Villa Top Luxury with Pool in Orkos Bay (2-14 guests)
This luxurious villa in Naxos, Greece was created to provide everything! A precious jewel, built on the hill over Orkos beach, ideal for you and your friends or family that look for a perfect stay and demand an experience of top standards.
The view from this elegantly graceful villa will literally take your breath away.

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Naxos Beach Side Villa in Orkos Bay (2-10 guests)
This Villa is built on two levels of this unique 140-180 square meter villa provide you with amenities and privileges that only these villas in Naxos can offer!

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Naxos Sunny Villa in Orkos Bay ( 2 – 8 guests)
The Villa in Orkos bay is sunny, newly built and colorful! Can accommodate 8 persons. It has 3 bedrooms on the ground floor and a guesthouse with a bath and small kitchen. Unique location able to offer the most wonderful villa holidays in Greece.

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Naxos Family Beach Side Villa in Orkos Bay (2-6 guests)
A Beach Side Villa in Naxos, Greece (Cyclades) with direct views to the sea and the endless blue of the Aegean! A seaside Villa you will undoubtedly adore. Here you will find everything you might need for a dreamy stay! Suitable for 2 to 6 persons, built on two levels with a total of 110sqm.

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Naxos Luxury Sea View Villa in Orkos Bay (2-4/5 guests)
This Naxos Villa is ideal for warm and cosy days and nights in the company of friends or family. The Villa offers a huge roofed patio with an irresistible view to the sea. This luxurious 85sqm villa is an ideal choice for a group of friends or a family of 2 to 4 or 5 persons that seek to adorn their stay with wonderful, special and absolutely natural images!

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Naxos Honeymoon Villa in Orkos Bay ( 2+2 guests)
An affordable villa for 2 or for a small family, in Naxos. This Villa is the ideal choice for a stay of 2 + 2 persons, right by the sea! Luxury, sophistication in design, serenity and natural landscape are some of the words that could describe the distinct beauty of this particular villas complexin Naxos!

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Naxos Honeymoon Villa-Suite in Orkos Bay (2+1 guests)
This Greek Ilsnd villa of 45 square meters, is built literally in the sun-carved rock that some … ancient god has left here to remind us of the founding stones of the magnificent Cyclades.
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Naxos Honeymoon Villa in Orkos Bay (2 guests)
This honeymoon Villa in Naxos  island is a brand new jewel, created to accommodate 2 persons seeking the absolute dream experience on a Greek Island!

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Naxos Villas & Suites (2 - 8 guests)
Luxurious Villas & Suites in Naxos Island, Cyclades.  The brand new  Villas & Suites” opened its doors just recently (summer 2009)  and wellcomes you  to explore and enjoy the world of exclusivity!

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