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Greece Mainland: Peloponnese


Peloponnese Eco-Villa | "Maina" in Mani (2 - 8 guests)

Maina is a traditional holiday home in Greece suitable for all seasons able to sleep 2-8. Located in   the unspoiled region of Mani, in the old traditional village of Nifi , five minutes from the sea is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing holiday between a landscape of olives,  rocky mountains and the endless blue of  the sea.

Laconian Mani is one of the most traditional parts of Greece. Enjoy the scenery around this eco-friendly mansion, the lovely beaches and outdoor activities that the region offers!Enjoy your traditional Greek holidays!
This traditional holiday house is located in Nyfi (a.k.a. Exo Nymfion) in Eastern Main, (“Anatoliki Mani”), which is in eastern Peloponnese. The village Nyfi means “bride” and was named after the location of the village (surrounded by olive trees, just like a bride is surrounded by flowers). The building is actually divided in two houses with distinct entrances, “Maina” (hosting up to 7 persons) and “Anoi” (hosting up to 4 persons), cozy corners, “built inn” furniture and electrical devices, wooden details, sealing and walls made out of stones. With a shinny view to the light blue waters and only a few minutes’ walk from the beach, this villa combines the experience of local traditional architecture, ecological character and luxurious simplicity (rated category A) holidays. The building is dated back to the 19th century, but was very recently renovated by the owner who is also an architect, using natural, indigenous materials, such as stone and wood. This is how this truly beautiful guest house has maintained the character of the famous local architecture, in absolute harmony with the rocky landscape and with nothing less than respect for the region’s architecture.  The procedure of the reconstruction was very demanding, since there were difficulties to overcome due to the roughness of the region and because the first priority was to maintain the character of the building and respect the elements of traditional architecture in Mani. The reconstruction of the house combines the use of primal local materials, environmentally friendly infrastructure and modern equipment.

The owners’ desire, when building ‘Maina’, was for every guest to have a nice time and enjoy every part of the house, hoping that the house will reflect the architect’s thought and care for him. In this sense, Elena chose not to furnish the property with the basic, plain, and resistant for hotel use equipment. They ventured something more personal, in trust to the people who will visit it, that they will appreciate, enjoy and take care of their choice.

It is surrounded by the garden with olive trees, rocks and the cave, 200 meters from the parking of the village; it is an ideal place for privacy and relaxation.
The stone-built tower mansion of the 19th century was renovated in 2008, by the architect and owner Elena Zervoudaki, keeping the traditional elements and combining them with the minimal design of the internal space induces the sensation of luxury.

The mansion is 150 sq.m. and is built in relation to the slope of the ground, so that it evolves in 3 levels, each level with access to the garden and yards.
At the lower level there is a bedroom with a double bed and a wooden ladder that leads to a loft, with a double mattress for 2 persons. A built “barrier”, isolates the bedroom from 2 basins and an open closet, and further at the back, is located the bathroom.

A wooden staircase leads to the second level, to the living room and the kitchen. The kitchen is a “bank”, situated in the center of the space, fully equipped. There is a wooden minimal dining table for 6-10 persons and a stove with oven, burning with wood. The living room is an open space with large pillows, which can also be converted to a bedroom, with a double and one single bed. The middle level has access to the east and the west exterior sides of the mansion. The central veranda at the west side has an open kitchen with a stone-made sink, BBQ and a big wooden table. At the east side is the small balcony, ideal for having breakfast, under the shadow of the tower and the trees, leads to the garden with the hammock and the locust tree.

A stair leads to the third level, which can be isolated, if needed, from the other two levels and can be totally independent. It consists of a double bedroom, a sitting room with fireplace, where there is a sofa that can be used also as a double bed, an open fully equipped kitchen, a loft with a single bed and a bathroom (with shower).

As it is in the middle level, at this higher level, there is access to the exterior from both sides, with sea view. The western yard, with the constant thick shadow of the trees and the east yard, below the heavy rocks, has a magnificent view to the sea and Kotronas bay.

Description of the Holiday House:

On the lower level there is  a bedroom with a double bed, a single bed and a wooden ladder that leads to a loft, containing a double mattress that sleeps two.   A half-height wall, isolates the bedroom from an open closet, beyond which lies the bathroom.A wooden staircase leads to the middle level, where is the living room and the kitchen.

The living room is an open space with large pillows, which can also be converted into a sleeping area, with a double and a single bed.The kitchen is free-standing, fully equipped island. There is a simple wooden dining table that can seat 6-10 persons and a stove with a wood-burning oven.
At Katoi the lower level has access to the west exterior side  and the  middle level has access to the east and the west exterior sides of the mansion.

The central veranda on the west side has an open-air kitchen with a marble sink, BBQ and a big wooden table.
The small balcony on the east side is ideal for having breakfast, under the shadow of the tower and the trees, leading to the garden with its hammock and carob tree.


A staircase leads to the third level, which can be isolated, if needed, from the other two levels and can be totally independent.

It consists of a sitting room with fireplace, where there is a sofa that can be used also as a double bed, an open plan fully-equipped kitchen, a loft with a single bed, a double bedroom and a bathroom (with shower).

There is access to the exterior on both sides, with a view to the sea.
The western yard offers a shady refuge under the trees.
The east yard below the heavy rocks, offers a magnificent view to the sea and Kotronas bay


Traditional house Maina (katoi+anoi)
150 sq.m. 3 independent bedrooms 2 bathrooms with shower

Living room with a stove with a wood-burning oven (if needed can be converted to a bed for 2 and single bed)
T.V. Hi-Fi (i-pod compatible)
Fully equipped kitchen
Roof ventilators
Dining table seats 10
Exterior dining table seats 10
Exterior kitchen with BBQ
2 baby cots 1 high chair
Washing machine (available for use for stay longer than 1 week)
Internet (available upon request)

Living room with a fireplace (sofa-bed for 2+ single sofa bed)
T.V. Hi-Fi DVD Player/Home Cinema
Fully equipped kitchen A/C Roof ventilators Dining table seats 4
Exterior dining table seats 4
2 baby cots 1 high chair Washing machine (available for use for stay longer than 1 week)
Internet (available upon request)
In Maina you will find linen, towel, toilet paper, bath soap and in the kitchen there will be coffee, tea, sugar, local pasta.

By car from Athens / Following the national road Athens - Corinth - Tripoli - Sparti - junction before Gythio - Skoutari - Kotronas - Flomochori -Nyfi.


290 km
25 km
Flomochori 9 km
5 km
Grocery store at Kokkala 
5 km
Bakery at Kokkala 
5 km
Health Clinique at Areopoli  
25 km



1,5 klm . Beach with pebble big pebbles, impressing, protected gulf with high rocks at the periphery. Tavern by the sea.

White Rocks
1 klm. Reaching the  central street turn right on the first and then left towards the sea. Park your car where the street ends and follow the path straight towards the sea. Impressive lonely beach with beautiful waters.

1,5 klm. Beach with bug pebbles. Behind lies the Laludes Hotel with open to visitors’ swimming pool and snack bar. Easy for children.

1.5 klm after Agios Kiprianos. Beach with small pebbles and trees for shade.

9klm. The Falmochori beach with small pebbles. Tavern by the sea. Easy for children.
Nisaki Skopa- Kotrona    14klm.Leave the car next to the playground by the central road and walk the rest of the distance (15 minutes). You’ll reach a first beach that connects the shore with the islet but if you carry on when you reach to the islet with the path on the left you will get to a black pebbles beach Along the islet some findings have been discovered like conches, obsidian stones and interment in jars. Ruinings from the Neolithic and Prehellenic, Hellenic and Byzantine periods are preserved as well as church ruining, like Saint Nicholas , where some may see murals (nice walk)

about 30 klm. Towards the north, long beaches with sand . A Byzantine temple and taverns by the beach. Easy for children.
Marmari    about 30 klm. Towards the south, long beach with sand overlooking the sunset. Tavern + bar. Steps connecting to the beach. Easy for children.

Something delicious!

Flomochoriou Square, ” Voula”2733021289
9klm. For some simple accompanied by the village atmosphere , like fried home eggs with fried potatoes and suvlaki, by the village square. Open all year round.

restaurant for pizza and cooked meals.. small yard

Alipa «Panagiota»
1,5klm. Tavern on the beach. Open during the summer. Tables only outside.

Lagia Fotoula 2733021087 and 6977441764
9klm. Tavern by the village square. Open all year round. Call prior to visiting so that they put on the barbeque, if you’re going for grilled food.

Chalikia “Seven Brothers” 2733021800
10klm. Tavern by the sea with good fish. Open during the summertime. Tables outdoors.

Kotronas “Panagakou” 2733021340
15klm. The famous chef  creates simple recipes by the sea-front of Kotrona. Very delicious sweets- the sole in East Mani. Only spring and summer.

Areopoli – Katoi
18klm. Cosy Tavern of the old dorp. Region cuisine.

Limeni «Takis» 27330 51327
20klm. Famous for fresh fish. Best to call first.

Gerolimenas- “Kyrime Hotel” 2733054288
25χλμ. The most “gourmet” choice of the area signed by Elias Baxevanis. Reservation necessary. Convenient even for a coffee or a drink.

Porto Cayo
20klm. Classic fish tavern with sea side décor and Mani landscapes.

Tainaro p. Gounela 27330 53064
20klm. Tavern with both fish and meat. Specialties the grill.

Drosopigi 27333093283
25klm.Family Tavern with a view. Special dish: Rooster with spaghetti. Call first so they prepare it.

Take away Nifi Gas station 2733021042
1,5klm. Next to the Gas Station you will find the tavern of Mitsoula , wife of the gas station owner, with great cooked food. If you don’t wish to sit at the “cult” gas station tavern you may call previously and pick your order up later on.

Cook your own food with local ingredients at the house.

Mr George- Fisherman 6976563585
Mr. George is a dilettante fisherman living in Alipa and goes for fishing as long as the weather permits. Contact him so as to inform you when he’ll be able to go for fishing.  Grill the fish on the barbeque of the yard. Charcoal available at the gas station of Nifi.

Marathos Kokkala 6972057893
You may order fresh fish from the boats and cook them in the yard’s barbeque.

Mr George- Shepard 6974819922
Mr. George has his sheepfold close by, at the Atsoupi– surely noticed by the cowbells! He might provide you with fresh milk and cheese, depending on the season. He might also be able to provide you some goat which, if winter you may cook in the wooden oven, or , if summer, chops on the barbeque. Contact him earlier.

Greetings Porks
In a farm on your way towards Lagia from the main road, porks are being raised. You may even see them strolling around the  bitumen. Make arrangements for the procedure. On the pan or in the wooden stove.

In February the hills are filled with asparagus. Collect a few and make some delicious omelets.

Prickly pears
The garden is filled with prickly pear trees. You may either eat it as a fruit, or make marmalade with them , or even the traditional tea spoon sweet by boiling them with water and sugar and straining it in the end.

Chylopita pasta
At the house there is always a spare packet of chilopita pasta, tomato sauce and dry white cheese (mizithra), just in case!

Worth a visit:

«Passing by you’ll need 3 days to see Mani. Walking along the scenery, you’ll need 3 months. But in order to witness Mani’s soul 3 lives are what it takes. .One for the sea, one for the mountains and one for it’s people». A web site that serves as a depositary of the Mani identity where you may find updated information for the place, the traditions, etc.

Areopolis Museum
A small, well designed museum seated at the Pikoulaki Tower. Opened it’s doors in 2006, the expedition’s subject is Religion and Traditional Rural life in Mani. Best if you visit early during your stay as it illustrates and explains a lot about the whole region. Open during all week except Tuesday, 8.00-15.00. Tel:.27330-29531

Dirus Cave
Among the most beautiful caves in the world. Put on your life jacket (supplied there) and let the 45 minutes boat tour begin..
Functions during all days except Monday - 8.30-15.00 Τ: 27330 52222

98 traditional Hamlets
Out of the 118 situated in Peloponnesus with the legendary Mani Towers and Tower houses, the eagle villages that resemble to castles called “Xemoni”.
See in particular: “Outer Nifi and Nifio”, “Vathia”,”Residential dimension” ,“Megalithic”, “Towers”, “Special Contructions”, “wood”

Byzantine, Frank, Turkish See.”Castles and little castes of Man”,”Kelefas Castle”

Byzantine Churches
see “Outer Nifi and Nufio”,”List of Byzantine Monuments in Mani”,”Byzantine Art in Mani”

Arcaological Sites      See “Egila”,”A great state”

Historical Sites     See. “Tenato- the gates to Hades”

Routs                see ‘The shady Mani”,”Outer- Inner Mani”, “A great State”

… by foot
Have a walk along the nature , often mentioned as a “botanical haven” for quite a few indigenous flora. Also see “Paths of Sagia”,”Sagia- Zouda”, “Egila”,”Mezapos”,”A great state”


Trekking  in Eastern Mani
The walking path to the ancient city Aigila and the monastery of Krounos passes in front of the house. You can discover different places by yourself or we can arrange for you walks with a professional guide. There are walks of varying difficulty, from those suitable for young children to others which are really challenging.

At Diros you can enjoy horseriding in “Mani horses”.Horsetrekking is organised in the mountains or by the sea for small groups for one or more, +306979049190

This house is a perfect base for various activities:
Swimming and snorkelling
All over the Peninsoula you will find different kind of beaches all of them quiet and unspoiled. Pebble beaches, small cricks, rock beaches with crystalline waters and vast sand beaches with shallow water.
The closest beaches to the house are:
Alypa (1.5km): An impressive beach on a protected cove sheltered by two rocky promontory. There is a local fish tavern on the beach.
White Rocks (1km): A rocky beach with crystal-clear waters

Laloudes (1km.) A pebble beach and a swimming pool café open to public

Skoutari(25km north).A sand beach with shallow waters

Marmari (25km south). A sand beach facing the sunset

Trekking  in Eastern Mani
The walking path to the ancient city Aigila and the monastery of Krounos passes in front of the house.
You can discover different places by yourself or by a professional guide. There are walks of varying difficulty, from those suitable for young children to others which are really challenging.

At Diros you can enjoy horseriding in “Mani horses”.Horsetrekking is organised in the mountains or by the sea for small groups for one or more, +306979049190

Sightseeing -

Traditional architecture:
98 Traditional settlements  from the 118 classified in Peloponisos exist in Mani. Walk along the old and narrow stone paths in villages with stone towers and traditional rectangular plan houses that form settlements like fortresses.

Visit Flomohori, Lagia, Vathia, Marmari...
This Holiday House has been constructed with respect to and accordance with the enviroment and the traditional architecture of the region.


Water drout is one of the basic problems in Mani, due to the absence of central network for water distribution.

“Here in the forest my eyes have witnessed some unforgettable scenery. A water wagon has stopped on a grade filling the tank of a house. Due to the inclination of the spigot there’s water draining on the floor and the grandmother yells at the daughter “get the paaaans!” The granddaughter stares puzzled and stands still… the grandmother then grabs her from the hair and says “you stupid, can’t you see the water is wasted! Shame on you!” The young girl is ready to burst into tears twice as puzzled, the grandmother fetches the basins and starts collecting the spilt water, while from the girl’s eyes a couple of tears are shed. The old lady from Mani appreciates the value of the water; the young girl is just getting to know about it!”      

By Giannis Ntrenogiannis – Newspaper “TA NEA”, 5/10/2001.

‘Maina’ is an eco-friendly house and has an integrated water saving system, which is accomplished with the storage of rainwater and with the use of biological draining system. In order to avoid any inconvenience during your stay please remember:

•    Water we do not drink
•    Paper is disposed in the bins
•    Water waste we minimize


In order to maintain water supply for the guests, there are water tanks at the southwest side of the garden of “Maina”. In the reservoirs, rainwater is stored and in addition, when needed, more water is brought with the water truck, which parks at the hill behind the house and water is brought to the tanks through pipes.

When the water in the tanks ends, the water supply stops.

If there is overconsumption and waste, the water in the tanks will end. Two days are needed for the water truck to supply water to the water reservoir.
For all the above reasons:



Turn the water heater on 20 minutes prior to your bath/ shower. Do not miss out on switching it off before going for your bath (in the country the earth wire systems differ for the ones in the cities, causing electrocution hazard if use if warm water is combined with heater on power.

For the bathroom in “Katoi”: to switch on the water heater, go to the middle level, to the left of the entrance; the fuse board is in the black cupboard.
For the bathroom in “Anoi”: to switch on the water heater, go to the upper level, to the right of the entrance where the fuse board is located.
Please do not use any other fuse on the board.

For your safety do not forget to switch off the water heater before using hot water.


Drinkable water can be provided at:
•    Central square of Flomochori, taps with water supply from the source
•    Grocery store at the village of Kokkala


Draining water is piped to the biological draining system.
Failure of the whole draining system will occur if a piece of paper, chlorine or any other object is piped to the draining system. Any kind of paper or small object will harm and stop the operation of the draining system in the house!!! Your stay will have to be terminated due to noisomeness and compensation will have to be paid for the reparation of the damage. For this reason:


«Cooked oil in the kitchen sink...This is one of the greater mistakes we make. Why do we do it?  Simply because there is nobody to point us outthe right manner. In this respect, the most recommendable  solution is to place used oil in a plastic bottle or can, (water, or soda can for example), seal it welland throw it to the regular rubbish.
And this is because, one littler of used oil POLUTED ALMOST 1 MILLION LITRES OF WATER, which is the quantity one person will use within 14 years!!!.»
George Karountzos
Chemical Mechanics. PhD, Enviromental Administration Responsible (SEY)


At Maina there has been conducted a particular study so as to achieve that all corners of the house are illuminated distinguishably and that same may be adjusted in accordance to the atmosphere desirable atmosphere, the time of the day, the purpose and your mood. Serving this aim, there are many switches that may confuse you at then start- which relates to what. Test them with patience considering that form the moment you press on a switch, it’s needs about 5 seconds to illuminate the lamp and 1 minute until the lamp reaches the maximum performance, since the lamps at Maina are power reserving. The switches for the garden lights are marked with orange sticker  so that they stand out and are not confusing for you. 

The outer area, other than the cold reserving lamps, there are also incandescence lamps mostly to brighten the rocks. If you are to live a light open during the night, go for a cold reserving light lamp and not for the incandescence lamps, as there is a fire hazard.


Set the temperature of the air-conditioning on 22 degrees for winter and 23 for summer. Τhe air-conditioning is type “inverter A”. Nevertheless they are still the most power-consuming appliance in Maina. Each devise consumes 5kw/hour.
Enjoy the alternative solution of the fans and benefit form the wide openings of the house that create natural wind flow.


In Mani there are power failures, usually when there is light rain or when there is strong wind. In the winter power failure may last 2-3 hours.
In case of failure the wood stove and the fireplace keep the house warm enough. The lights at the emergency exits will stay on for half an hour and thereafter the candles we have in the house can be used.


‘Maina’ is a stone-built house in the countryside. As a precaution always check for insects or bugs when lifting stones, wood (underneath or on top) in the garden.
Although at regular intervals we spray inside the house, it is natural that some insects will be found.

Smoking is prohibited in MAINA. If however you wish to do so outside the house, please do not throw the cigarette buts on the ground and be extremely careful not to cause a fire.

You may cook on the barbeque placed outside or in the wood stove, but not on the fire place.

Please make sure you have shut all windows and locked all doors before leaving the premises.

For more comfort at the exterior areas, the mattresses (green and wrapped) and the pillows made of straw, which are tucked away in the house, can be used. Please, bring them inside, when away from ‘Maina’, in the evening, in case of rain or strong wind.

  • “Maina” is a non smoking house
  • Pets are allowed only outdoors, in the garden and courtyards

Rates 2017 – 2018 – Per Stay


Maina max. 8 pers.

Anoi max. 4 pers.

Katoi max. 5 pers.

May, June, September

min. stay 7 nights


700 €


July, August

min. stay 7 nights




October 2014 – April 2015

min. stay 3 nights




October 2014 – April 2015

min. stay 7 nights




Easter Holidays (11/04 – 27/4/2014)

min. stay 4 nights




Christmas Period (15/12/2014- 5/01/2015)

min. stay 4 nights




[ ΜΗΤΕ 1248Κ91000254500 ]
Anoi/ max 4persMaina / max 7pers

Extra person / 20€ per night – only after notification

Special Rates If you stay more than the minimum stay

Price include all the services described in “Maina features” as well as: electricity 40kw/day and water 50lt/person/day

Deposit 200€ is required, refundable after departure

Until confirmed, rates are subject to change without notice

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